Sunday, January 06, 2019

Adderall, Trump, and the 25th Amendment

Recently there have been at least a couple allegations, from the pageant days and from The Apprentice days, claiming that the president abused Adderall.

Initially, I resisted sharing any links to these stories because I feel extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and I don't want to fall into the garbage rumor sewer with President Trump that many on the right fell into with the Clintons and the Obamas.

However, I am seeing references to these claims starting to pop up here and there, and decided to discuss this situation in a purely hypothetical sense.

The accusation is not that the president, either in the past or even currently, is taking Adderall, but that he abuses it.  Allegedly, he grinds it up and snorts it (which is actually ridiculous because unlike meth or cocaine, for various scientific reasons beyond my understanding, it doesn't work like that).  For those who do not know, Adderall is essentially speed, with effects fairly similar to crystal meth.  It is prescribed for ADHD.

Personally, I find, even when properly prescribed and taken according to the prescription, this to be a very troublesome drug.  I've personally seen it spin people out pretty bad even when, to my knowledge, they were taking it according to their prescription.

Now, my reservations about the drug aside, if the president is taking this medication as prescribed, and if it is not affecting his ability to function in his duties, then there is small cause for concern.

However, if a President of the Untied States is abusing drugs, whether or not it is impacting his or her ability to function, Amendment 25, Section 4 of the Constitution should be implemented immediately.

If the president gets help for the problem, let him or her return to office once he or she is clean, stabilized, and in recovery.  If not, then not.

Seems pretty simple to me.

Of course, with the information we have now, this is all purely hypothetical.

But if anyone in the cabinet has seen this, or any of the staff has witnessed this and not reported it to members of the cabinet, then, well...  I have no words for that but a lot of angry, sputtering cursing!  While not actually treason, if the cabinet knew a president was abusing drugs and did not act on it, it feels pretty treasonous to me.

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