Friday, January 04, 2013

Senate Less Broken Than News Media

This is such an important clip.  The meat and bones is a couple minutes in, but beyond the confirmations finally being passed, O’Donnell words on how the media covers the “narrative” of the Senate versus the truth of how the institution actually works are just dead on.

Really, the news media is much more broken than the Senate, and that is saying quite a bit.  Unfortunately, it also contributes quite a bit to what is broken in our government these days.

This first clip is from the end of the segment, and is the most important part.  The entire clip, covering Reid and, it is important to note, McConnell’s actions on New Year’s Day is also worth watching and at the bottom of the post.

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VIA I love it when I wake up in the morning and Barack Obama is President on Facebook:

No vacation for Harry Reid in the Senate...

"That may look boring to you, but that's the most exciting moment in Senate history..." (for someone appointed by Obama - who can't get anyone confirmed in a grid-locked Senate.)

~Lawrence O'Donnell, on watching the C-Span video of Reid reading the list of nomination bills. O'donnell is apparently the ONLY one other than the C-SPAN live coverage to even mention this phenomenal accomplishment! ~m


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