Sunday, September 23, 2012

Romney’s plunge towards the debates: Don’t count him out yet

Mitt Romney

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You couldn't have scripted a better candidate than Romney.

We actually enjoy when he's featured on national television because it's just so ridiculous. NO one likes this guy...not even Republicans. He's a clown. Every time he opens his mouth it's simply fantastic for liberals. He can't even handle a Fox News interview without looking like an idiot. And guess what...

We still have the debates! They're going to be gold. We've never seen a time where one political party was actually anticipating political debates like Democrats are anxiously awaiting the ones approaching in a couple of weeks.

Just like with the G-O-P primary...the more the American people learn about Romney the more they dislike him. Hell in the state he was born and the one where he was governor he's in line for a massive defeat.

And the icing on the cake is his wife....WOW. She's by far one of the least likeable wives to a candidate that we've ever seen.

The next few weeks are going to be amazing. Just keep on talking Mitt...keep on talking.

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I do have one worry about the debates... Anyone remember the 2004 Kerry/Bush debates?
That year, the democrats were pretty much as eager for the debates as they are this year. Unfortunately, by the time they rolled around, the expectations on W. were so low that all he pretty much had to do was NOT make a huge mistake to "win."

On the flip side, Kerry suffered from a lot of the same likability problems that Romney suffers from. So really, this year we have a candidate that pretty much is a combination of the worst of Kerry's traits combined with the worst of Bush's traits... Going up against a very skilled debater.

While it should go well for Obama, I still am on the guard for 2004 style spin from the GOP. If Romney does not actually spontaneously combust on stage, they will claim that he "exceeded expectations" and therefore "won the debate."

Since most people do not actually watch the debates, they will hear this on the news the next morning and believe it.

Unfortunately, the debates will not be a guaranteed K.O. punch to Romney.

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