Sunday, December 04, 2011

Occupy Portland: Laundry list of parks “damage”

Chapman Square.  Portland, Oregon.  November 17, 2011.  From 2011-11-17 (Occupy Portland - N17) - Photo

I need to focus on some other projects, not on posts.  But this was a bit much for me

Itemized list: Repairs at Occupy Portland parks | Portland

Looking at the list, quite a bit of this needed to be done anyway.  It gets to be a bit much when they are blaming the leaves on the protesters!  Damn them and their power to change the seasons!

This list is all well and good.  But other than damage to the lawns, which were pretty trashed before the occupation, to my eyes the parks really look in pretty good shape.

These bathrooms are always trashed.

And there are a lot of leaves.  I think they are kind of pretty.

Here’s the list, but what I want to see is what NORMAL park maintenance expenses for the winter are so we can compare…  Only then can we really have a conversation.

General Park Repaint restroom interiors, exterior trim at Chapman and Lownsdale -  $2,200

General Park Steam clean surfaces - restroom interiors, benches, poles -  $3,000

Park Benches Replace 2 benches, repair 7 benches - $16,500

Bollards and chain Replace 5 bollards, one chain section -  $4,000

Paths Power wash paths - $1,600

Restrooms Soda blast exteriors to remove graffiti -  $1,100

Turf Rake to remove leaves and debris -  $600

Turf Install erosion control-  $1,000

Turf Winter - fill low areas, hydro mulch, lime, fertilize, seed, enzymes -  $8,100

Turf Spring - fine grade, slice seed, top-dress - $3,800

Shrub beds Prune to correct damage, replace damaged plants, fertilize, mulch - $4,000

Trees Inspect, monitor tbd Trees Place soil to cover exposed roots -  $750

Restrooms Chapman - Clean sewer, inspect, repair as needed - $600

Restrooms Chapman - repair sewer as needed (Potentially up to a $7,000) tbd

Restrooms Chapman - tile and grout repair-  $700

Restrooms Chapman - Re-install door, jamb, and frame - $2,500

Restrooms Refurbish octagonal windows includes frames, re-glaze - $2,300

Restroom Lownsdale - Remove/ replace 3 destroyed toilets, one pedestal sink, repair plumbing in walls, wall mounted braces, floor attachments. - $28,000

Restroom Lownsdale - Repair door lock - $100

Restroom Lownsdale - Tile and grout repairs - $1,800

Art The Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) to assess, recommend, implement repairs (cost paid by RACC) tbd

Memorials RACC to assess, recommend, implement repairs (RACC cost) tbd Fencing Temporary fencing - $3,200

SUBTOTAL $ 85,850

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