Saturday, November 19, 2011

Occupy Portland: Eviction - Occupy Seattle/Portland - The "Good Neighbor" Policy

This is a good one.  The guy in the uniform is a rock star and a superhero.  Very likely, he is singularly responsible for the night turning out as peacefully as it did.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Rubble: Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt: November 18, 2011, Occupy Portland: N17 - Occupy the Banks

Originally posted on Rubble:

From 000-FB Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day, November 18, 2011. Occupy Portland - N17 (Occupy the Banks) - Pioneer Square. Portland, Oregon. November 17, 2011. 4:33 PM

Prints are available for purchase on deviantArt.

More photos from N17...

2011-11-17 (Occupy Portland - N17) - Photo

Occupy Portland - N17: Video - Wells Fargo, 900 SW Fifth Avenue PCASC protesters arrested

KGW video from the next window down...

Fox 12 Video:

I shot the arrests from the outside, but here is the video from inside, before the police arrived.

Bringing them out, shot from inside. Not my video. In fact, I am on this one, shooting the one above. Got to love the conversation going on about the "losers"...

New, to me, video shot by the protesters above 4th Ave...

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Occupy Portland: De-escalation Proposal

From 2011-11 Occupy Portland Eviction - Photo

Proposed by Jennifer Alexander on the Occupy Portland Open Group on Facebook:
De-escalation question for a possible General Assembly proposal - I think this would be the appropriate evolution of our Occupation, and would be wonderful if we accepted AND the city accepted.....this WOULD evolve this protest, and bring out those that are currently fearful of joining us:
Could we get a consensus, do you think, on proposing to Sam Adams and the Portland Police Bureau that:
IF, the police, regardless of agency affiliation, who respond to and engage with Occupy Portland protestors agree to no longer respond in full riot gear and agree to treat protestors with respect, calmly arresting those who engage in acts of civil disobedience without use of force,
THEN WE, Occupy Portland, AGREE to remain peaceful at all times, we will agree to follow all traffic signals to avoid creating dangerous situations for vehicular traffic and pedestrians [unless police are present directing traffic, or unless protestors have informed police 24 hours in advance of a specific location that may be impacted - without necessitating a permit], and we will agree to stay on the sidewalks except when crossing the streets [or when police have chosen to close a street in order to open it for us].
FURTHER, any among us who are NOT compliant with this agreement will be presumed to be exercising their right to civil disobedience and not representative of the entire group but instead deemed to have been behaving autonomously, and if the situation warrants the individual's arrest, they should be arrested peacefully without use of force. Rare circumstances may arise where use of force is necessary, and we understand that; however, all use of force should be reasonable and should not be predicated on fear of the "mob." Occupy Portland as a group believes that police are part of the 99% and we respect the work you do for our society. We believe you are paid for with our tax dollars to keep all Oregonians safe, including those being arrested, even if those being arrested are behaving poorly. You are not who we protest against.
There are also some among our group who autonomously believe that police are working with the opposition to the Occupy efforts, and that police are enforcing the will of the 1%. It is very difficult to convince them otherwise when police responding to our protest come apparently dressed for war.
THEREFORE, so long as police continue to arrive dressed in riot gear, there will be those among us who respond negatively, believing that they were correct that police ARE working to destroy our civil rights through use of force to benefit the 1%. Many of us would like to convince them that this is not true, but it is becoming harder and harder to do so, with the increasing use of police presence and use of force in Portland and other Occupy locations through the U.S. In fact, some individuals that did not believe as they do are beginning to become convinced after seeing what appears to them to be excessive use of force by police, making things even more difficult for everyone.
By agreeing to this proposal, we believe that protestors will be able to effectively utilize their first amendment right to free speech and freedom of assembly under both the United States and Oregon Constitutions as well as ensure the safety and comfort of all those in Portland. The Occupy Portland movement is made up of a diverse population that reacts in a variety of different ways to the sight of militarized police on our city streets, from fear to anger, as well as indifference. In addition, some respond with amusement or feel that the scene is entertaining, including both some within our movement as well as some of those opposed to our movement (as well as media on both sides). This idea that the militarized conflict with citizens is "entertaining" disturbs many of us, and creates an even more volatile situation - we believe a de-escalation is necessary to ensure the peace and safety of all.
While we understand that the mayor and city officials would like us to get permits and inform officials of a route prior to protests and marches, this is truly an impossible task. There is no person leading the marches, there is no body planning the events in detail - this is not a parade. Ideas are created in an organic environment, that anyone is able to divert from alone or in large groups at will. The intent of our protest is to reach the 99% to engage them and motivate them to demand change from their government. Any given idea is subject to change, by consensus or individuals, in advance or while in progress. We don't all agree on the solutions, nor do we all agree on the individual causes of the problems we face - therefore we don't all agree on where the protests are best applied. Sometimes we find a lot more support for one particular issue - like N17 (directed at the 99%) - then we do for other issues - like the Chase CEO protest (directed at the 1%).
We DO all agree that our government is no longer listening to us, if it ever was. Our one demand is that our government prove that it can hear us and is listening to us (even when our government disagrees with us, or when we are in the minority in our population). That is really all we want: a government that acknowledges it can hear us and is listening, even if it disagrees after doing so. We aren't necessarily after specific policy changes as a group (although individually, we have a diverse set of specific policy changes that we do work towards), but instead, we want to ensure that our government is still ours: a representative republic. We truly are the 99%.
Mayor Sam Adams and the Portland Police Bureau can prove they are listening to us by no longer sending in police appearing in riot gear, ready for conflict. Come dressed as we are accustomed to seeing you in our daily lives, when we encounter you on the streets. We will thank you by twinkling our support upon your arrival without the riot gear, and we will commit to holding ourselves and those around us accountable to follow traffic signals and laws for the safety of all Portland residents, as well as twinkling our support when the police bureau uses a proper level of force in arresting those committing acts of civil disobedience (such use of force should typically be just putting on the zip ties and escorting them away). If police at any time need to convey a message to us, mic check it so that we can all hear instead of bringing out the vans to blare confusing messages that result in misunderstandings (which sidewalk, officer?) and escalation in use of force. We will respond to such requests, with either actions of compliance or discussion through mic check. These discussions among police and protestors will ensure the safety of all, and ensure clarity from both sides. And the option for non-violent arrests of protestors for civil disobedience will always remain available to police and will be responded to without resistance from protesters.
This will show the world the effectiveness of direct democracy in our local government, and will ensure that valuable tax dollars aren't wasted, and will allow Occupy Portland to engage in peaceful acts of civil disobedience without threat of harm to the individuals, the protestors or the public at large. It will also set the example for how to allow this protest to happen peacefully across the nation. The Occupy protest, along with many others who are not part of our movement [yet] understand that there IS a problem that we are all facing, and the time is now to discuss solutions. Use of force will not discourage this protest, it only increases our numbers and the frustrations on both the part of city officials and protestors. We have always tried to work with the city officials to maintain good relations. We would like the city to return to respecting that relationship and showing goodwill towards protestors, as we will do in kind.
- I intentionally left wiggle room for those among us who will inevitably refuse to conform, and cross against signals or refuse to move from a particular spot, such as a roadway, etc - I get it, and I think our city does too - but I think many of us WOULD agree to this - and it would lessen the fear by the city that they "need" such massive use of force ....

‎**If this is really getting such overwhelming positive support - and continues to - we should really have a vote on this IMMEDIATELY at tonight's meeting as an emergency proposal, as this issue is getting to be quite dangerous and should not be postponed any longer than necessary...

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Occupy Portland: Occupy Your Block (November 20)

Occupy Your Block PDX from isaac Lane Koval on Vimeo.

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Occupy Portland / Occupy Wall Street / Occupy Together: A proposal for the next phase

From 2011-11-17 (Occupy Portland - N17)

Found by David Finn, originally posted by Rob Solomon on 11-17-11...

OK, Occupy Wall Street protesters, you have the world listening, it's time to stop wandering around and act with a plan. Since you can't seem to figure out one, I’ll help you out.
You want to make real changes, then do it the right way. Hold a real meeting without any protesting or threat of violence and invite all the legislators in your district to attend. Present them with a concrete plan. Tell them if they want our vote then support our cause. Ask them who is willing to stand up and carry the banner for the 99%.
Politicians want to get elected and tell them this is what we want for our vote:
1) It's time to create laws that financial institutions are accountable to their customers before one penny is paid out to executives salaries. They should be paid a bonus only after showing growth and profit for their investors (that’s us folks) and NOT guaranteed a penny otherwise.

2) No more bank bail outs - period. 
3) We need to reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act that separated insurance companies, investment banking, and commercial banks.While this was in effect not one bank went under in America. This will put us the consumer back as the main concern, and force them to monitor their own business for risk when using our money. No more passing bad paper off to someone else, then taking the money and running.
4) Put the bite back in the SEC and monitor them. The SEC had information about Goldman Sachs, Bernie Madoff, AIG, and others well before they tanked, and did nothing. The people who were suppose to protect us just turned their backs. 
5) We need to take back our elections from being controlled by lobbyist and the money of wall street. We need to create new federal legislation that would allow a reversal of the Supreme Court decision declaring that corporations have the same first amendment rights of individuals. This has allowed corporate domination of our elections. John Q. Public has no way of going up against the bank rolls of corporations to present fair and balanced information on legislative issues.

If you think it’s about Republicans vs. Democrats, you’ve been sucked in by the biased media you’ve chosen to listen to and watch. This is about the total decay of Americas financial stability perpetrated by a system that’s run amuck. Wall Street is corrupt and unaccountable. Want to blame the Clinton Administration and the Banking Reform Act or the Bush Administration and the total failure to monitor the SEC?  Go ahead. Sure I’d like to round up everyone involved in the corruption of the mortgage markets and put them in jail, but that’s not going to happen.  
So, Occupy Wall Street people, if you want to make change and create an economy that’s accountable to the people, it's time to get rid of your camps and refocus on new and responsible legislation for the financial institutions of America.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

N17 - PDX Occupy the Banks - Shut them Down!

UPDATE - 11/17/11 - 6:40 AM
Anyone can join the PUBLIC march - no one need risk arrest at this event! 

The rally action starts @ 8am on the East Side of Steel Bridge with a labor action with We Are Oregon. 

Then join us for a second, 10am Rally at Waterfront Park @ SW Ankeny

At 11am we march to visit civil disobedience actions in progress!

Steel Bridge Closed!
'N17' group plans bank shutdowns Thursday | Portland:

The Steel Bridge was closed Thursday morning to all but TriMet, Amtrak and commercial rail traffic.

Police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson told KGW Thursday morning that the move was made primarily to make certain that mass transit was not affected by a protest. Pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers must choose another bridge, he said.

Protesters may also walk cross any other bridge by using the sidewalks, he said.

"We will not allow them to take a bridge and shut it down. It will not happen today," he said. 
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Get On The Bridge: We Declare a State of Economic Emergency for the 99% | We Are Oregon
On Nov. 17th, we will declare an economic emergency for the 99%:
  • 25 million Americans are looking for workbut Congress wont pass a jobs bill
  • Super-Committee budget cuts could kill millions of more jobs
  • This economy works for the richest 1%not the 99%
The Steel Bridge is structurally deficient and in need of repair. This is work that needs doing, even while thousands in Portland are unemployed!
Bridges like this one are symbols of politicians failure to pass a jobs bill or do anything to help the 99%, while the richest 1% keep getting richer.
On Nov. 17th, we say enough is enough, we cant wait any longer.
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Well, I kind of wish they were not calling it N17...  I am still a bit shell shocked from N30.  But I could go for some good, old fashioned non-violent civil disobedience against the banks.

#N17 Portland – Occupy the Banks » Resist austerity. Reclaim the economy. Recreate our democracy.:
Occupy Portland’s Action Committee has issued a call for decentralized-yet-coordinated nonviolent civil disobedience against big banks. Let’s shut them down!

This is a call to form “affinity group” action teams, take on support roles, or join in a public march visiting action locations. An action “spokescouncil” for communication between and support of affinity group has been formed by the Occupy Portland Action Committee and seeks your participation.

If you have an affinity group wanting to organize an action for N17, or want to offer support to others, email TODAY!"

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Portland Eviction: Photos

I haven't made it through them all yet, but here is the first batch...

I feel that the stories, photos, and videos that the people took that night tell the story in a much clearer way than the story we've been hearing through the media about the city's intentions and actions that night and the next day.

These shots were taken from the evening of November 12 through to the apparent victory at 6 AM on November 13.

It was a short lived win but, for a few hours, the occupation successfully defended the parks. Those remaining in the early hours of the 13th started the day feeling victorious.

2011-11 Occupy Portland Eviction - Photo

Monday, November 14, 2011

Occupy Portland Eviction: Video of police clubbing occupiers as park is cleared

Not my video.  I was asleep when this happened.  Found here:

This was the peaceful transfer of the park from the occupation to the city that we heard so much about on the news yesterday.


Rubble: Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt: November 13, 2011, Guy Fawkes Mask at Occupy Portland Eviction

From 000-FB Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day, November 13, 2011. Taken November 12, 2011. Guy Fawkes mask at Chapman Square, Occupy Portland Eviction. Portland, Oregon.

Cross-posted from Rubble.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Occupy Portland Eviction: 12:01 AM, Police Deployment & Injury, Sunday Morning Victory

KGW video:

Sunday morning's victory. While later in the day the occupation would, inevitably, lose the parks, they were held, against all expectations, for the night.

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Occupy Portland: Uncertain situation after early victory

7:47 PM - "Official" Live Stream -

4:22 PM - Woke up and it is on again...  Just got a text calling for everyone to come down and support the movement.  I wish I could but I am very stuck here in Gresham tonight.

Channel 8 running live with it right now...

Will be posting notable updates on Twitter @A_F_Litt and Facebook A. F. Litt

10:13 - New Text - We can salvage tents for next occupation.

Stick a fork in it...  But, no tear gas and no arrests (except for the one guy who needed to be arrested).

Current live stream:

Live updates:

Crappy live stream.

They are still, as of right now, calling for people to come down and support them.

As I wrote on Facebook 40 minutes ago:

Sat down to write about how amazing it was at 6AM this morning when the police conceeded Chapman Square to the Occupation. Unfortunately I just got a text that police in riot gear are now clearing the camp.
 ·  ·  · 39 minutes ago

    • Aaron F. Litt Flipping through the news looking for coverage. Funny. Everyone moved on before this happened. (PS- Most of what I saw on TV when I got home resembled the truth in some ways. Take it or leave it at that. I am looking at you channel 8.)
      35 minutes ago · 

    • Aaron F. Litt I feel a bit dirty. We got played this morning and, being tired and hungry and wanting to go to bed, I fell for it... They let us think we won, waited for us to go home, waited for the media to wrap up their coverage, and are now aggressively clearing the Occupation with police in riot gear.
      25 minutes ago · 

Some tweets:

From : No one is being arrested. Cleanup is happening. We still need bodies on the ground. -  


No one is being arrested. Cleanup is happening. We still need bodies on the ground.

 Mayor Sam Adams 

RT  Informing people that parks closed & helping remove debris. Not forcibly 
29 minutes ago

Anyway, I need sleep.  I have lots of pictures and videos from last night and this morning's "victory" to post later.