Saturday, September 03, 2011

Republican apologizes for Obama ‘idiotic’ comment – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs

Republican apologizes for Obama ‘idiotic’ comment – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs: "U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh, R-Illinois, apologized on Friday for calling President Barack Obama “idiotic” while speaking to a group of voters earlier this week.
“That was absolutely stepping over the line and I apologized,” Walsh told CNN's Wolf Bliter on "The Situation Room."

“He’s not an idiot, he is the president of the free world.”"

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Is journalism as we know it becoming obsolete? — Tech News and Analysis

Is journalism as we know it becoming obsolete? — Tech News and Analysis: "Will journalism as a whole suffer because some people engage in conflicts of interest or abuse anonymous sources or break any of the other so-called rules of journalism? Not really. Most of the popular newspapers and media outlets of the last 50 years have done all that and worse (yes, even worse than News Corp.’s phone hacking). Newspapers may come and go and bloggers may rise and fall, but journalism continues — not so much as an institution, but as a state of mind and a series of beliefs, and a way of behaving. There are just more ways to do it now, rightly or wrongly."

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Santorum: The Gay Community Is On A 'Jihad' Against Me | TPMDC

Santorum: The Gay Community Is On A 'Jihad' Against Me | TPMDC: "Rick Santorum really does not like the political activism that gay people have launched against him, ever since his 2003 remarks comparing the legalization of gay sex and gay marriage to pedophilia, bestiality and incest.

"So the gay community said, 'He's comparing gay sex to incest and polygamy, how dare he do this,' and they have gone out on a, I would argue, jihad against Rick Santorum since then," Santorum said at a campaign event in Spartanburg, S.C., on Friday,"

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Poor baby!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Facing voter discontent, lawmakers skip town halls Boulder Daily Camera - Boulder, CO AP NEWS

Boulder Daily Camera - Boulder, CO AP NEWS: "Too much yelling, not enough listening.

Facing organized, often raucous confrontations at political events, some members of Congress this summer abandoned the long-time tradition of open meetings with the folks back home.

It was goodbye to one of the few remaining opportunities for voters and lawmakers to talk face to face."

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Obama-nomics: Half Full, Half Empty, or Just Half-Assed? - Yahoo! News

Obama-nomics: Half Full, Half Empty, or Just Half-Assed? - Yahoo! News: "Well – another day, another miserable US jobs report, another stock market retreat, and yet another Obama climb-down.

At least this time it was not induced by Speak Boehner’s shadow.

Spooked by the latest abysmal jobs numbers, the President suddenly decided to cave in to pressure from big business and withdrew the EPA’s proposed revisions in the outdated15-year old standards for ozone emissions.

These new standards were only going to take effect in 2015, anyway. But apparently Obama felt the need to show that could implement at least some kind of “jobs policy” -- any policy, no matter how uncertain its net benefits -- on his own, even at the risk of exposing thousands of asthmatic children to dangerous levels of ozone."

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Struggling Huntsman tries to turn around bid News From The Associated Press | |

News From The Associated Press | |: "It's been downhill since the day he announced his White House candidacy. His official presidential coming-out tour was riddled with mistakes, and he's faced campaign staff turnover. With some moderate views, he has struggled to gain traction with a GOP primary electorate pushed to the right by the tea party. And he's lost ground in some national polls, eclipsed by Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann.

Now Huntsman's trying to turn it all around - by painting his opponents as extreme.

"He's the anti-circus, anti-carnival candidate," John Weaver, Huntsman's senior strategist, said of the newfound strategy."

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Romney, Perry wage GOP fight over business records Tulsa World: AP Stories

Tulsa World: AP Stories: "The people inside a smoke-stained bingo hall are desperate for jobs. And Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential contender standing before them, says his business experience will help him save the nation's economy.

"What America needs and what I know have come together," says Romney. "I spent my life in business - 25 years in business."

The next day, Texas Gov. Rick Perry offers a different message to business leaders at the Bedford Village Inn.

"My actions as governor are helping create jobs in this country," says Perry, who spent the last decade as Texas' chief executive.

This intensifying debate between the two over public- and private-sector credentials will help define a GOP nomination fight focused squarely on the economy. The next president - whether it's President Barack Obama or any number of Republicans trying to unseat him - will be saddled with high unemployment and asked to draw upon his or her job-creation skills on Day One.

Friday's report was a fresh reminder of the troubled economy. The unemployment rate was stuck at 9.1 percent as employers stopped adding jobs in August."

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Palin sees room for more White House candidates - Yahoo! News

Palin sees room for more White House candidates - Yahoo! News: " Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said on Friday there was room for more candidates in the presidential race, but stopped short of announcing whether she would launch her own bid for the White House.

Palin, the Republican Party's vice presidential nominee in 2008, has said she expects to make a decision this month about whether to seek the party's nomination to run against President Barack Obama in next year's election.
Speaking in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa, on Friday, Palin declined to say if an announcement could come Saturday, when she is due to address a Tea Party rally in Indianola, Iowa.

Palin said she was "happy with the field of candidates" in the Republican campaign, but added: "I always think that there's room for more, though, because spirited debate and more competition will allow an even better discourse.""

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Perry book a treasure trove for foes - Yahoo! News

Perry book a treasure trove for foes - Yahoo! News: "Rick Perry describes Social Security as a “violent” attack on core American values. He says Sarah Palin may have been right that the Affordable Care Act created death panels. He says it was “unprincipled” to establish the Department of Homeland Security.

That’s not the provocative, distorted language of a 2012 attack ad — at least, not yet. Rather, those are words right out of the Texas governor’s 2010 book, “Fed Up!” — a slim volume that may be one of the biggest gifts ever given to the opponents of a presidential candidate.

It’s a treasure trove of oppo research, a target so ripe that Perry himself pointed to it last year as prime evidence he wasn’t interested in running for president.
“I wouldn’t have written that book if I was going to run for the presidency of the United States,” he said in one national interview."

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: How to build your own supervillian!

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal:

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Why Obama and others are suddenly rolling out jobs plans - Yahoo! News

Why Obama and others are suddenly rolling out jobs plans - Yahoo! News: "Why now? It's not like unemployment is a new problem that's just been discovered. The US jobless rate has been above 8 percent for 2-1/2 years.

But, although the health of the economy and state of the job market rank consistently as Americans' top concerns in polls, Washington's attention to the question of how to improve job creation has ebbed and flowed. Several factors explain the recent resurgence, and most of them are not too difficult to guess:"

Thursday, September 01, 2011

BBC News - Iraq: US troops' first fatality-free month since 2003

BBC News - Iraq: US troops' first fatality-free month since 2003: "August was the first month since the US-led invasion in 2003 that no US soldiers were killed in Iraq.

An independent group,, has displayed the statistics for August on its website, which tracks US fatalities in Iraq every month.

US Col Douglas Crissman said it showed how far Iraqi security forces had come.

Figures for Iraqi civilian and security forces deaths in August are not yet available, but the month has seen major attacks with substantial loss of life."

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Romney camp not panicking — yet - Yahoo! News

Romney camp not panicking — yet - Yahoo! News: "Rick Perry’s surge in the polls is prompting some high-profile Mitt Romney backers to urge the former Massachusetts governor to step up his efforts before it’s too late.
Romney’s high command said that was always the plan — and that they expect to engage Perry during next month’s debates, which will usher in the stretch run of the GOP presidential campaign.
The former Massachusetts governor also will accelerate his pace starting this Labor Day weekend, campaign officials say."

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