Sunday, November 13, 2011

Occupy Portland: Uncertain situation after early victory

7:47 PM - "Official" Live Stream -

4:22 PM - Woke up and it is on again...  Just got a text calling for everyone to come down and support the movement.  I wish I could but I am very stuck here in Gresham tonight.

Channel 8 running live with it right now...

Will be posting notable updates on Twitter @A_F_Litt and Facebook A. F. Litt

10:13 - New Text - We can salvage tents for next occupation.

Stick a fork in it...  But, no tear gas and no arrests (except for the one guy who needed to be arrested).

Current live stream:

Live updates:

Crappy live stream.

They are still, as of right now, calling for people to come down and support them.

As I wrote on Facebook 40 minutes ago:

Sat down to write about how amazing it was at 6AM this morning when the police conceeded Chapman Square to the Occupation. Unfortunately I just got a text that police in riot gear are now clearing the camp.
 ·  ·  · 39 minutes ago

    • Aaron F. Litt Flipping through the news looking for coverage. Funny. Everyone moved on before this happened. (PS- Most of what I saw on TV when I got home resembled the truth in some ways. Take it or leave it at that. I am looking at you channel 8.)
      35 minutes ago · 

    • Aaron F. Litt I feel a bit dirty. We got played this morning and, being tired and hungry and wanting to go to bed, I fell for it... They let us think we won, waited for us to go home, waited for the media to wrap up their coverage, and are now aggressively clearing the Occupation with police in riot gear.
      25 minutes ago · 

Some tweets:

From : No one is being arrested. Cleanup is happening. We still need bodies on the ground. -  


No one is being arrested. Cleanup is happening. We still need bodies on the ground.

 Mayor Sam Adams 

RT  Informing people that parks closed & helping remove debris. Not forcibly 
29 minutes ago

Anyway, I need sleep.  I have lots of pictures and videos from last night and this morning's "victory" to post later.

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