Saturday, November 12, 2011

Occupy Portland: Eviction

Labor rally to support occupation - Tonight, 6:45 PM, 3rd & Main
Eviction - Tonight, 12:01 AM

Two stories, depending on where you look.

Dirty, violent, out of control, homeless vagrants on drugs?

Or not?

Mike covers the points of the eviction well, and the positives and the negatives of the current camp situation. Excellent video.

Mayor Sam Adams' Statement - 11.10.11:

Transcript: Wait! This isn't cute anymore! A Statement from Mayor Sam Adams regarding Occupy Portland

To be fair, I think the mayor has been pretty supportive of the movement, overall.

Statement being read to occupation members:

Press conference, 11.11.11:

KPTV (Fox News 12, Portland) were the ones interviewing Mike, but I could not find any clips of the interview on their website.

Occupy Portland eviction deadline nears: Tension between protesters and occupiers came to a head Friday when officers removed plywood and concrete from the camp.

The local Fox channel, unlike many local Fox affiliates, seems to do a decent job of being objective, not aping the shenannigans of the cable news giant. However, their narrative of the occupation story seems to be following the current trends.

A dissenting opinion:

What is up with the whole "Mexican Swag" obsession? This guy looks like an idiot while the woman working the information booth sounds very well informed and eloquent. Anti-occupation propaganda? Fail.

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