Thursday, November 17, 2011

N17 - PDX Occupy the Banks - Shut them Down!

UPDATE - 11/17/11 - 6:40 AM
Anyone can join the PUBLIC march - no one need risk arrest at this event! 

The rally action starts @ 8am on the East Side of Steel Bridge with a labor action with We Are Oregon. 

Then join us for a second, 10am Rally at Waterfront Park @ SW Ankeny

At 11am we march to visit civil disobedience actions in progress!

Steel Bridge Closed!
'N17' group plans bank shutdowns Thursday | Portland:

The Steel Bridge was closed Thursday morning to all but TriMet, Amtrak and commercial rail traffic.

Police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson told KGW Thursday morning that the move was made primarily to make certain that mass transit was not affected by a protest. Pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers must choose another bridge, he said.

Protesters may also walk cross any other bridge by using the sidewalks, he said.

"We will not allow them to take a bridge and shut it down. It will not happen today," he said. 
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Get On The Bridge: We Declare a State of Economic Emergency for the 99% | We Are Oregon
On Nov. 17th, we will declare an economic emergency for the 99%:
  • 25 million Americans are looking for workbut Congress wont pass a jobs bill
  • Super-Committee budget cuts could kill millions of more jobs
  • This economy works for the richest 1%not the 99%
The Steel Bridge is structurally deficient and in need of repair. This is work that needs doing, even while thousands in Portland are unemployed!
Bridges like this one are symbols of politicians failure to pass a jobs bill or do anything to help the 99%, while the richest 1% keep getting richer.
On Nov. 17th, we say enough is enough, we cant wait any longer.
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Well, I kind of wish they were not calling it N17...  I am still a bit shell shocked from N30.  But I could go for some good, old fashioned non-violent civil disobedience against the banks.

#N17 Portland – Occupy the Banks » Resist austerity. Reclaim the economy. Recreate our democracy.:
Occupy Portland’s Action Committee has issued a call for decentralized-yet-coordinated nonviolent civil disobedience against big banks. Let’s shut them down!

This is a call to form “affinity group” action teams, take on support roles, or join in a public march visiting action locations. An action “spokescouncil” for communication between and support of affinity group has been formed by the Occupy Portland Action Committee and seeks your participation.

If you have an affinity group wanting to organize an action for N17, or want to offer support to others, email TODAY!"

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