Thursday, November 03, 2011

Is the GOP really this anti-Romney? Herman Cain, sexual harrassment, and "a perfect scandal"

Herman Cain allegation: Sources reveal new details - Kenneth P. Vogel and Maggie Haberman and Alexander Burns -
The new details—which come from multiple sources independently familiar with the incident at a hotel during a restaurant association event in the late 1990s—put the woman’s account even more sharply at odds with Cain’s emphatic insistence in news media interviews this week that nothing inappropriate happened between the two.
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Herman Cain meets Washington's 'scandal industrial complex' -
STORY HIGHLIGHTSHerman Cain has repeatedly denied sexually harassing women
Ari Fleischer: If he is lying, he's in big trouble
But if Cain is telling the truth, the response to story is disconcerting, Fleischer says
Fleischer: Washington's scandal industry has kicked into full gear
If Herman Cain committed sexual harassment and is now lying about it, his goose is cooked and it should be. But if he is telling the truth, there is something terribly disconcerting about the way the Washington "scandal industrial complex" -- full of reporters, former campaign workers and pundits -- has reacted to this sad story.
After the story broke in Politico, Cain the next day denied that he sexually harassed anyone, which after all, is the core issue. Since then, other anonymous sources claim they too were harassed, without anyone really knowing what the alleged harassment entailed. He has been consistent, unwavering and on the record in his denial.
But that's not good enough for the way things work in Washington, where the manner in which he reacted to the news is said to be a sign of whether he would make a good president.
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