Friday, October 21, 2011

We're having a rapture... again... really? And another satellite is falling? Maybe it is the end of the world as we know it?

Forgive me if I keep my plans for tomorrow instead of dropping everything to prepare for post-rapture looting this time...

Then again, we've also got a satelite falling, making today a "two-fer"!

Retrovirus Lab: Playlist: When Stars and Gods Fall Burning to the Earth: "Soundtrack for the scheduled rapture & falling satellite today.      "

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Democracy In Distress: Today is the day when A Man Comes Around... Rapture 2011!
"Well, according to very few, that is. Personally, I'd be looking forward to a little looting, but I haven't been getting enough sleep the last couple weeks to feel up for the zombies that many others are predicting for today. Knowing life, that means zombies, surely.

I mock a lot, but this is why shit like this is actually very dangerous...

Pets Seized From Sonoma Co. Man Planning Pre-Rapture Killings May 20, 2011 11:57 PM

BOYES HOT SPRINGS (CBS 5) – On Friday night, animal control officials in Sonoma County seized three animals belonging to a man who planned to euthanize the pets ahead of Saturday’s predicted “Judgment Day.”
“I plan to put my babies to sleep when the earthquake hits Denver,” said Tinker who thinks that a massive world-wide quake will signal the beginning of the end. “I don’t want them to suffer.”

Now, on with the mocking."

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Democracy In Distress: Heez'a comin' tomorraw?!? Really? The Rapture is on a Saturday? Naw.
 "Ah, shucks... I've got nothing to wear. Great quote from the billboard video: "This is how religion hurts people."

Now I know I shouldn't be mocking people's deeply held spiritual beliefs, but I have a hard time seeing this as really being a deeply held spiritual belief for most sane Christians.

Anyway, unless some words I said back in Assembly of God Sunday School back when I was in elementary school really do get me out of jail, er, hell for free, then I suppose I will be available for a good bit of post rapture looting."

Rubble: UARS reminds me of Mir... (Updated!): "This whole deal with the re-entering satellite reminds me of [Mir], or the Wim Wenders movie Until the End of the World, though with less risk of the world ending."

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