Thursday, October 06, 2011

Ratio of Pay Chart - CEO : Average Worker

Adding this chart, thanks to Andrea in the comments...


Codenamejustice said...

What is the source of this chart?

Anonymous said...

There isn't a source because it's made up.

Besides, the economic comparisons are impossible to make between countries that have vastly different employment/pay structures, and not to mention the fact that there are significantly more US companies that are significantly larger and will by default skew the comparison.

A. F. Litt said...

I am not sure of the source of this chart so I cannot vouch for its accuracy. However, I have seen other similar statistics elsewhere that are credible.

I appreciate the feedback guys!

andrea said...

I found this 2007 Reuters chart:
US data seems not exaggerated.

andrea said...

chart link again:

A. F. Litt said...

Thanks, Andrea. I added that chart to the post.

ConcernedT said...

It's a VERY old chart. (2006-2007, at the top of a bubble.) I'd be curious to see the results today.

Anonymous said...

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