Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Occupy Oakland: Class warfare in America & widespread support for OWS asks if this is what democracy looks like.  Honestly, sometimes this is exactly what democracy looks like.

A better question: Is this what class warfare in modern America looks like?

Last night we faced an absolutely brutal assault by an army of the Oakland Police (with the help of cops from all over Northern California). Tear gas and flash bangs were fired into the camp where children were sleeping, people were beaten and shot with rubber bullets. The assault was also levied against our property in the camp, and the cops tried their best to completely destroy everything we had there. Almost every tent has been destroyed, many slashed with boxcutters, structures smashed, basically this was not an eviction, they came in to destroy everything we had. After they flattened our main camp, they also went to our small camp in Snow Park and repeated the process there.
Though we may be bloodied, we are even more determined to keep going. As we agreed upon in General Assembly, on the evening following any police assault on our camp, we will reconvening at the Oakland Public Library, on the steps. We will discuss our options and pick one, and then take action as a community to respond / rebuild our occupation. This is a big deal, we need everyone and their mother to come out, to help us reestablish and recommit to the occupation. They will not stop us. We will overcome this attack and emerge even stronger.
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In other news...
Daily Kos: Occupy Wall Street already has at least as much support as tea party:
Four polls confirm that Occupy Wall Street has at least equaled, and likely surpassed, the tea party in terms of total number of supporters. No matter how polling firms phrase their questions, the tea party never comes out on top.
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