Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Counter-recruiting" in high schools. These people piss me off.

These people piss me off.  Listen for yourself...  I like the comment left on the site...
like uh, you know....if you want someone to represent critical opposing views to the military please evaluate them for articulation and debating skills. this is just difficult to listen to.
I support recruiting in high schools.  When I thought the "counter-recruiting" was about discussing other options, even things like Americorps, etc, it sounded fine.

No.  It is about talking kids out of joining the military.  Grrr.


AIR DATE: Wednesday, October 26th 2011

Counter-Recruiters · Think Out Loud
This week, the Portland Public School Board voted to allow "counter-recruiters" at Portland's public high schools. Counter-recruiters represent organizations like American Friends Service Committee and the Military & Draft Counseling Project that provide information about military service and recruitment that is meant to dissuade students from joining the military.
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