Friday, September 02, 2011

Romney, Perry wage GOP fight over business records Tulsa World: AP Stories

Tulsa World: AP Stories: "The people inside a smoke-stained bingo hall are desperate for jobs. And Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential contender standing before them, says his business experience will help him save the nation's economy.

"What America needs and what I know have come together," says Romney. "I spent my life in business - 25 years in business."

The next day, Texas Gov. Rick Perry offers a different message to business leaders at the Bedford Village Inn.

"My actions as governor are helping create jobs in this country," says Perry, who spent the last decade as Texas' chief executive.

This intensifying debate between the two over public- and private-sector credentials will help define a GOP nomination fight focused squarely on the economy. The next president - whether it's President Barack Obama or any number of Republicans trying to unseat him - will be saddled with high unemployment and asked to draw upon his or her job-creation skills on Day One.

Friday's report was a fresh reminder of the troubled economy. The unemployment rate was stuck at 9.1 percent as employers stopped adding jobs in August."

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