Saturday, September 17, 2011

'Lamestream media' defends Palin - Yahoo! News

Well, there goes that... When she puts her foot in something next time, who's she going to blame? Oh, it will be the "gotcha' press" again, I am sure. People cheer when they like it, boo when they don't. I suppose it is human nature. That goes for calling things that they cannot control "stupid" as well.

'Lamestream media' defends Palin - Yahoo! News: "They kicked her around, victimized her, tried to destroy her. But all of a sudden, the lamestream media is coming to Sarah Palin’s defense.
Faced with a barrage of negative portrayals — a much-hyped investigative book, a Levi Johnston memoir and a new movie — Palin is finding support in the unlikeliest of places."

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