Friday, September 09, 2011

Exonerated Texas Inmate: “How Can You Applaud Death?” - ABC News

I tend to be in the "it would be better to let a hundred killers live than to execute one innocent man" camp. I am not opposed to the death penalty morally, but I am concerned about its application, and I am very concerned about how many people have been exonerated over the last decade or so as DNA evidence has been reexamined through the efforts of groups such as the Innocence Project.

Exonerated Texas Inmate: “How Can You Applaud Death?” - ABC News: "Anthony Graves read in the newspaper about the crowd at the Republican presidential debate applauding the fact that Gov. Rick Perry had authorized 234 executions during his tenure.

“How can you applaud death?” Graves asked.

Graves is one of 12 death row inmates who have been exonerated in Texas since 1973. Five of those exonerations occurred while Rick Perry was governor, according to the Death Penalty Information Center, a group that opposes capital punishment."

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Update (10:00 AM):

Thought I'd toss in this clip from The Daily Show regarding Perry's applause moment.

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What really saddens me, is that I would bet that 99% of these individuals are pro life. Try as I can, I can not understand the difference, no matter how many times I hear it spun... Very strange.