Friday, August 26, 2011

Award Winning Den Mother Removed From Scouts For Being a Lesbian

My boys and I have been involved with the scouts off and on for several years and I've always struggled with this policy of theirs. Normally, I'd have nothing to do with an organization with policies such as this, but I had to weigh my beliefs against the needs of my boys, who really benefited from their involvement with the organization.

These issues never came up in our local troop, and the deal with the devil I made was that I'd be involved until something like this came up with our local organization, and then reevaluate my decision to have my family involved.

Award Winning Den Mother Removed From Scouts For Being a Lesbian: "And that’s the end of it. Steele, and award winning and beloved Scout leader has been kicked out of the Boy Scouts for being a lesbian. The five years she spent shaping her troop into the fantastic young men they are today means nothing to the Boy Scouts, nor does the fact that there would not even be a local Cub Scout troop in her town had she not volunteered for the job, because no other parent was willing to shoulder the responsibility."

Jaden, Jackson, and Denise Steele & Jackie Funk.
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