Saturday, May 07, 2011

Some good thoughts on conspiracy theories...

Posted this on Facebook earlier and I wanted to put it up here as well...

From the article:

The simplest alternate explanation to a conspiracy theory is usually incompetence. When people say, “Why did these things happen?” and then point to a series of seemingly implausible events, it’s usually because the government messed up. The right arm didn’t know what the left arm was doing. Government is made of human beings. They are remarkably ordinary in their ability to make mistakes.

There is also a certain amount of life which is luck, chance, coincidence and happenstance. You can’t always divine some larger pattern from the fact that two events seem related or happened in the same month. Often it is just chance.

As you see, I’m not particularly partial to conspiracy theories.

Why do we embrace conspiracy theories? (by Fareed Zakaria, CNN)

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