Monday, March 21, 2011

Congress: A bunch of screaming children on a bus...

Amusing, but I think they did get it a bit right in comparing Congress, especially the House, to a bunch of screaming children on the bus while the President is the driver trying not to crash the whole thing... Doesn't matter which party is in charge where, it's still about the same, even when one party holds both the the House and Senate and the Presidency, as we've seen recently.

Unfortunately, throw the federal bureaucracy into the mix, and things really get bogged down.  As I wrote in a comment on FB recently in response to a post worried that we voted for a presidential canidate of "change" and ended up with what some people, people  a little bit further on the left for my comfort, feels is turning into Bush III:

One of the problems with government is that it is designed to move very slowly. Anyone coming in and promising immediate and significant change is setting themselves up for trouble. Clinton went through the same deal his first two years in office, and he promised a lot less change than Obama, however, he also made some bigger mistakes during his first two years in office than Obama has.

This slow movement is actually a good thing. It keeps any one administration or congress from wrecking everything.

However, sometimes with the bureaucracy, which changes at a glacial pace, change becomes almost impossible. At that point, I see it going down almost exactly like Nathan describes. It is not that Obama is Bush 3, but that all of these presidents are working with the same bureaucrats within the government.

Now, add to this a busload of screaming children in the back, and things really come to a screaming halt, really fast...

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