Monday, November 09, 2009

A bill passes through the House...

So the House passed the Health Care Reform Bill. I need to actually take a look at this. All of the jive and bullshit surrounding this whole issue just makes me run in the other direction, but now that something is actually happening, I have a strange desire to actually be informed on the issue.

First thoughts: Health Care Reform? Good. Government Option? Good. Mandatory Insurance with the burden on the consumer? BAD! This was the main reason I fell into the Obama camp instead of the Hillary camp during the primaries.

The whole way this has been handled by, well, just about everyone on either side of the issue makes me feel a little sick. But before I start pounding my keys with my fists about it, I need to do some reading.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Is democracy still in distress in America?

Of course it is, as long as there are fellows like this out there egging on Islamic extremists, which actually would probably be more likely to inspire domestic terrorists to try to stage an attack that they could blame on Islamic extremists.

This is a real piece of work here:

Michael Scheuer, there is a special place in hell for you. I do agree, to an extent, with Glen Beck, with the thought that such an attack would not be in any overseas terrorists' best interests at this point in time.

I do not have the time for a long and thoughtful essay at this point, but this is just one example of the type of issues I plan on addressing soon in this blog as I slowly revitalize it. Media issues and political issues, primarily; gossip and hatemongering from the right, political missteps from the right and all the fun that ensues…

Is democracy still in distress in America? Well, it may be healthier than when I first started this blog but, because this is a free country, there will always be threats.

And how is democracy doing around the world? Is it spreading and growing or it is at risk and failing? Or is it changing?

Hopefully I will have some time to explore these themes this summer.

(Here is the full Glen Beck / Michael Scheuer interview: )