Sunday, April 13, 2008

Primary Season Nap Time...

I am doing it again. Nice book on the table in front of me on the history of America's relationship with the Middle East, mandatory reading that I am now weeks behind on for class, and I am putzing around doing everything but my homework.

Anyway, I do remember that there is an election campaign going on, sort of…

It's just that, well, absolutely nothing of value is going on at the moment. Sure, all the talking heads are trying to create news, but there is no real news going on right now involving the election.

The ratings must have been huge for the news networks there for a while. When this current lull started, they really tried their hardest to keep the coverage going, but with six weeks between meaningful primary votes, there really is nothing going on.

These little flutters of punditry are just that, and they are probably fairly meaningless. Did Barak offend people who are not going to be pulling the Donkey lever in November anyway? Probably. His pastor (er, former…)? Okay, so for two weeks we had it pounded into our heads that whatever Obama is, he is not a Muslim. This doesn't hurt him.

And Hillary is out their squawking away about this and that, and Bill's out there looking, quite frankly, senile, and Chelsea thinks that Mom's neater than Dad… And still no real news.

So, yes. I have been busy. I haven't been paying that much attention. But there has been nothing worth paying attention to.

Wake me when this thing starts up again.