Tuesday, March 04, 2008

To live and die in Texas and Ohio…

So… I haven't seen it yet, I am sure it will be said. I am sure I will groan and roll my eyes whenever I see it, so I will strike first… Huckabeen.

So long. For now. Anyone notice some slight echoes between McCain 2000 and Huckabee 2008? See ya' next time.

As someone wrote eariler on Wonkette, it is too early to call the Democratic races (that matter, sorry Vermont and Rhode Island) RESPONSIBLY: but, also quoting them, "Fuck, i'll (sic) call them. Ohio, RI -> Clinton, Texas -> Obama. Ok, let's all go home."

Yep. Except that means that no one is going home. How long until Pennsylvania? Good or bad for the party, I am tired.

CNN earlier was gushing over how tonight changes everything for McCain. Bull. That's just filling time until they can talk about the real news tonight. McCain clinching the nomination tonight was about as surprising as the sun coming up this morning and changes nothing, really. He's been campaigning as the nominee for weeks, so what is he going to change now?

I am coming to agree with the Stupid Tuesday label that a lot of people have been using for tonight. My guess, lots of hype, little news. However, tie goes to the runner, and Hillary's been crawling back into this race slowly, which is surprising to me in some ways. I will say that the two weeks since the last votes have actually helped her in the short term, but I think the way she is conducting the campaign in the long run will hurt her in the remaining primaries and, if she actually gets the nomination, could hang her in the general.

For christsakes, she's running ads for McCain, essentially. At least a few people have been calling her on the damn phone ad. For Hillary, you lose on experience. For Obama, you win on judgment. It's what I said during the Texas debate, and dang it, I am sticking to it.

All right. I am sliding off into my two day internet blackout. I might hijack the work intertubes, though. I'll see what happens.