Sunday, May 04, 2008

Still Napping...

Okay, are the primaries over yet? Do we have a candidate? No? Okay, back to sleep…

Sure, Guam, seven votes? Two delegates each. Sure, Indiana and North Carolina on Tuesday? Will these settle anything?

Is this damaging the party? Maybe. That will be impossible to tell until November. I do, however think, if this thing gets ugly in the backrooms, then it will. I've seen some numbers where it looks like supporters of one candidate are starting to get too bitter about the other candidate to support them in the general, but I think these wounds, at this point, can heal when faced with the possibility of a John McCain, Skippy II, administration.

Is this making the eventual nominee stronger? Well, perhaps if it is Obama, but if it is Hillary, I think she already has the political machine necessary for success, so in her case, it is really only a matter of not pissing too many Democrats off before the general.

Okay, so there are rabid preachers and there was something about McCain hanging out in strip joints when he was younger. There are too many talking heads getting paid for too little real news on the television.

In Portland, it is a spectacular day. I am heading back into a book on Stalinism for one of my history classes, soaking up the sun, and hiding from this damn election some more.
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