Sunday, February 24, 2008

McCain! On the Airplane! With the Lobbyist!

Originally posted elsewhere, Feb. 21, 08-

Alright. I am still sick. I slept for 14-hours, and I am moving, barely… Last night, this morning, I heard some bits and pieces potentially involving McCain's bits and pieces…

I have not read the article yet. I will comment on the "media analysis" of the article…

This smells like one of those, well, my sister's brother's cousin was on the airplane, and it was a rockin'. But the reporters could never find the actual witness, only the sister's brother, not the cousin. What they could find is a few staffers telling the two that it looked bad and to stay the hell away from each other.

The issues here are less about McCain's sex life than about his relationship with lobbyists.

Neither potential scandal will amount to much of anything, particularly because of the timing. It is too late for innuendo and rumor to effect the primaries, it is too early for it to effect the general.

My call?

I doubt that he was getting any hot lobby action.

I do think that he is a little less squeaky clean when it comes to influence peddling than he would like the country to believe. Check out his record with ear marks and budgetary transparency. Check out his actual congressional record on campaign finance reform (and compare it to Obama's).

Finally, I think that the New York Times does feel that there was something here worth reporting, and I suspect that the reporters themselves would be the first to admit that this article was not quite ready for publication yet. However, I suspect that the McCain ship is pretty tight, so it might also be as close as it will ever get.

Ten minutes to the debate. I am going to try and live blog this bitch if I can pick up the live feed on If not, I'll watch one of the endless replays of it that CNN will be airing over the next week. Anyway, because of that, I am not feeling up to diving any deeper into Winkiegate at this point.

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