Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Freedom to Die, the Democracy of Death

Looks like the demons finally caught up to Tony Snow. I do not wish cancer on anyone, even him, though, not with the history of cancer in my family. That is karma I do not F around with.

But, I was writing something and just heard his back-up babbling something about the House bill requiring the withdrawal of the troops from Iraq in 2008 putting "freedom and democracy" in Iraq "at risk."

Freedom and democracy in Iraq? Did I miss something? That is what freedom and democracy looks like? Holy shit these people have their heads up their asses if that is the spin they are trying to put on that bill. That was the goal over there, sure, but it hasn't been an achievable one for a long time. At this point I think the best anyone is truly hoping for is to prevent a nasty bout of ethnic cleansing, and even that in many ways is coming to pass. Yes, let's lose more of our brothers and sons so we can maintain the freedom of the Iraqis to kill and to die, and the democratic way in which every resident in the country has a big target painted on them by someone.

These days I almost am leaning towards the idea that the quicker we pull out, the quicker the civil war there will sort itself out, and maybe with less causalities than if it is drawn out over many years. Then again, it is very likely that American troops are having such a small effect on the country that nothing would really change if we pulled out.

It is a tough situation, and really, I admit, that I am glad that I do not have to be the one to make the call. I do not envy the President on that count. I just wish his staff did not come across as a bunch of idiots, and that he himself at least made the attempt to at least fake some gravitas on these issues, regardless of how competent or incompetent he really is.