Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bad day for Lebanon...

Something weird is going on with Blogger and I have no field for my headline. I might have messed it up when I was tweaking the template. (March 19, 2011 - It's back!)

Nothing on TV, but I think I'd fall asleep if I put a movie on. Nothing on TV except for the recycled talking heads offering their horror story predictions about the current escalation by Hezbollah and Israel... I have no real opinion, other than I would hate to be in Beirut today.

The sun is coming up over there now, and I keep missing big chunks of the stupid sitcoms that I am sort of watching to see if anything new happened. I have no predictions, probably more of the same for a while.

I have a hard time seeing this one flaring up into an actual war (Syria, Iran)... Lebanon is their buffer, it seems. Israel (and Syria) are allowed to have their way with it and no one gets too upset. Even if Israel took out a few targets in Syria, I am not sure what would happen other than Iran screaming its head off.

And I am trying to figure out if having over a hundred thousand US troops between Iran and Israel helps the situation. I am not entirely sure what an Iranian attack on Israel would look like- that is a long way for them to project power in that region.

So, while everyone may love to use this as an excuse to take on Israel (except for Jordan, Egypt, the Sauds, and just about everyone but Syria and Iran), I am not sure that they could if they wanted to right now.

I am not saying that being in Iraq is good, and I am pretty sure that Saddam wouldn't let a Persian army march across his land any quicker than we (er, the sovereign nation of Iraq) would, but...

Who knows? I may be wrong about all of this. Maybe it is war.

But what ever it is, it is a hell of a lot more dangerous for us that North Korea's fireworks display last week.