Thursday, July 06, 2006

Korean Missles, N/30, 9/11... The axis of evil... ah, shit, it's the motherfuckin' snakes on the plane, goddamn it!

Too punk... Not punk enough... You live where? You fought in that war? You read books? You are not an anarchist? You look queer? You talk like a pundit? You don't sound like you know anything... But, The Government!

Yes, what about it? Do YOU know the difference between The Administration and the principals of law that we administer ourselves by? Have you ever met anyone elected to a Federal office? A local one? For real? Had candid conversations with them?

If you did, this clusterfuck would make a lot more sense.

Over there, they are shooting missiles that hurt no one, but a competent foreign policy should have made that never happen. Impossible in the post-Gore/Bush environment. Over there, no that way, they are planting explosives (when not simply shooting them at our sons and daughters), raking up a death toll, let alone the exponential casualty count, that is simply astonishing...

But here we all bitch at each other and point fingers about who is not anti-everything enough... Pick your poison. And we say that the other doesn't know how it happened over there... But that is exactly how it happened here.

This is not Nazi Germany, but we act like it is. This is not Stalinist Russia, but we turn on each other like it is, letting them go against them who is not us... Anyone who divides the media into mainstream and non-mainstream should be put up on a holiday in Cuba. And Ambassador Bremer should give his medal to the editors in New York who brave this shit-storm with some facts about how The Administration is behaving.

I don't know... People who all agree on politics, in general, who end up deeply disliking each other after talking... This is what the enemy wants. Not new copies of The New York Times. And this is what The Administration has so perfectly, though I still say accidentally, set up. I do not think it was intentional. I don't know. Ask Joe Lieberman.

But in the end, it is still Democracy in Distress.

Why do they think we are weak? We are. Why do they hate our freedom? They do not. They see us as the sick old man of the west (like the Ottomans a hundred years ago)... Wasteful and self-absorbed and, damnit, we are.

If I wasn't made of more scar tissue than muscle, I'd join the Army but it is too late for me. Instead, I study the lands, the languages... I would anyway, it fascinates me and it makes me hate all of these stupid wars, but I do it inspite of this, not because of this, though it makes it my studies difficult.

And I talk about what I have learned over the years, about those lands, about those governments and about our government.

I could tell you stories about the Congress members, in both houses, that I have met, but nobody remembers their names any more. I do, however, remember turning on my TV to see where the police were shooting tear gas outside of my own apartment and how I remember how I had to sit there choking on it because I lived in the wrong neighborhood... The one where the rioters came from.

N/30. Yeah, 9/11 killed this. But it may still get us all in the end. It was also the last time I spoke to a Congressman. I asked, "why?" He said that he didn't know why it all fell down the way it did but he came out to support his constituents anyway, choking on the gas...

He came from a district that had no "rioting." He wasn't there for the voters. He was there for America.

Fuck everyone... That would not, could not happen today.

And this is why we are losing our own self-declared war against the world.

And I used to be a neo-con.

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