Saturday, January 28, 2006

Filibuster This! Alito and Abortion

I've been wondering whether the Dems should push for a filibuster on Alito, a fight they would probably lose. Finally, I landed... Go for it. The opposition party has been so careful about only picking fights that they can win that they do not fight at all anymore- at least it feels this way. So gird up those loins, show some testicular fortitude, and just do it. Ignore the Republican taunts and show some damn conviction for a change.

Anyway, Alito isn't too scary. I understand the reluctance. He seems to have a brain and to not be evil, only conservative.

Finally, no guarantees on Roe, but... It is time to stop living in fear of this issue. It is not something that should be in the courts anyway, and very likely, after a massive political blood bath, it would become law (eventually). It would be devastating for some while it worked its way into law if the court overturns it, but it would also put the political status quo into a blender and in the end, I think the numbers are there for the Democrats to come out on top in the end in many different ways.

As I said, the short term effects to private, personal lives would be devastating, but the long term effects of a maintained Republican hegemony in Washington will be even worse.

Besides being very busy with real life, the issues have just been too messed up to comment on much in the blog recently. I will do better.
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