Friday, November 04, 2005

Bush Poll Numbers (Something Stinks in DC)

I should be taking a nap. But I just ate and I thought I would write for a moment as I digest...

Watching the poll numbers this morning, I am finding myself actually starting to believe that the other 51% is figuring out what our 49% feared all along... It is impossible to know for sure, but some part of me is remembering promises made about the leak investigation many moons ago and is wondering if Bush's numbers can go up while his brain still has a job?

In the modern age of telephones and e-mail, just kicking Rove out would not lessen his influence. Still it would be a sign that Bush even notices the desires of the general public these days, not just the ultra-conservatives who seem to have mostly disliked Meyer's gender, who disliked the number of poor that managed to survive the recent disasters and then to have the audacity to expect help from the government, and who only blame the administration for getting caught in the leak investigation.

Bush won't shitcan Rove, though. Not without an indictment. And he'll ride the stinking carcass of his non-existent political capital all the way down into complete uselessness.

I can hope at least. I can also hope that the Democrats and moderate Republicans can use this opportunity to fix much of what is going wrong in America right now... But they, and the American people, have let me down so many times before that I fear one halfway decent event turning in the Administration's direction will erase the last two months of clarity.

Still, Brown, Meyers, and Scooter all coming together at once is a pretty difficult revelation into the current nature of the Executive Branch to ignore.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Alito early for slugging metaphors (and for bad puns)

So sick of it. Not awake yet, coffee pot still brewing, and Gary Bauer is weaseling on the phone on CNN talking about Grand Slam Home Runs. No wonder this country is going to shit, no one has enough imagination anymore. People yakking on and on about he hit a home run here, I don’t think he’ll claim to hit a home run with this, and so forth… Speeches, nominations, morning constitutionals...

It is time for a new metaphor, people. A friend of mine declared 1992, if I remember right, the year of the over-extended metaphor. That was 13 years ago, people. It's over. Done.

Samuel Alito. Blah. Bauer said that this is a man who, like most Americans, won’t care if there is a Christmas Tree on public property.

Maybe baseball is a good metaphor after all. It could be that Skippy the Wonder-preddident just hit the separation of Church and State out of the park… Put some mustard on it, it’s out of here. Gone.

And I knew the nomination had to come through today, but before the sun is even up over most of the country, come on. Not quite as desperate looking as if the announcement had been made on Scooter day, but pretty damn close.