Monday, July 25, 2005

Insert pithy title here...

Focus on school for a few months and I miss so much...

The Roberts nomination, Rove's armor of shit cracked, London terrorist attacks, attacks in Egypt... Fourteen other important things that I cannot remember on my first cup of coffee.

One thing I noticed, London gets hit and we have endless hours of cable news navel gazing for days on end. Egypt gets hit, it is the top story, but no breaking reports when a Scotland Yard detective emerges from the john, potentially with new ideas on the case.

I do not lessen the trauma experienced in Britain, and I can understand why a country that we sometimes consider our 51st state may be of more interest, but somehow I feel that imbalance in coverage reflects less our special relationship with London than it does our general lack of concern with the Arab world.

Which is disturbing and has lethal consequences for Americans. It's not like we have any commitments or interests in being well liked in the Mid East...

Oh wait. Even I can remember the war on my first cuppa.

Maybe it is that the Mid East all blurs together? Maybe it is that we are so used to seeing 50 Iraqis blown up at once that we confused the Egyptians with Mesopotamians?

84 dead in Egypt as of this morning, about thirty more than London. And Bush is visiting the ambassador this morning. Good for him.

Well, time to start the day.