Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Random notes...

Busy with school, taxes and life, I have been away from this blog for a while. I am heading into midterms, but I will try to take a few now and then to update here.

I have been wanting to drift away from the snarky comment links log and to actually post some decent writing on this site, but that does take more time than just taking cheap swings at the daily headlines.

But I think it will be a better, though less frequently updated, blog if I follow this route.

Cardinals Take a "Deep Breath:" Pope Benedict XVI

Saw an interesting quote in last week's Time Magazine:

...the Cardinals, in reaction to John Paul's long tenure, could simply
decide not to decide and name either Ratzinger, who is 77, or Ruini, 74, as
Pope. There is scuttlebutt in Rome of this happening: the ascension of
what is, in effect, an interim Pontiff who would for a few years carry out John
Paul II's mandate while the church takes a deep breath and decides where it
really wants to head next.