Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Republicans move heaven and earth to fail

I've been avoiding writing about this. It is just too... Just too much, I guess. How many months did it take for Congress to pass any legislation following the 9/11 report? One of the major delays was their long recess/vacation that occured a couple weeks after the report was released. (Forgive any timeline errors on my behalf, it is early and I haven't got the research muscles warmed up yet.)

But the conservatives are willing to hold a nearly unheard of special session to trample state and individual rights to keep a woman in Florida alive, in a vegetative state, because they love life, passing an emergency law in the middle of the night alowing the supposedly more conservative federal courts to review the case.

And the result, the courts continue to side with the Florida courts and with her husband, who wants the travesty to end and for his lost wife to finally rest in peace.

Now, it may be on to the Supreme Court. At least the courts appear to be showing some solidarity on this issue. Perhaps, beyond the legal issues, they are a little annoyed by the breakdown of the seperation of powers in this case.

When my two year old acts like this Congress, I give him a short time out. When my kindergartener acts like this, he gets sent to his room. These are the same life lovers who have no problem with torture in Iraq or electrocuting retarted minors in Texas.

But at least we can rest assured that politics did not play a factor. DeLay was on my television a minute ago saying that he would immediately fire any one on his staff if the memo talking about this issue being a political coup for the Republicans was traced back to his office.

Would he fire them for writing the memo, or would he fire them for letting the memo leak? Your guess is as good as mine.

I am making little sense here, but this issue is so perverted and the actions of the Republicans so creepy that I can do little but sit here, sputtering and choking on my bile.

At least there are some decent conservatives and moderate Republicans who find this whole issue distasteful as well. Steve Gilliard explains this train wreck much better than I can.

As I said earlier, I've been avoiding this issue, but seeing the results rolling in from the federal courts on this case, I was inspired to sputter and drool about the issue. My bile rose.

After writing this, I took a long neglected blog tour this morning and learned about Hudson and Nikolouzos in Texas. While the Republicans fight to save Schiavo's life, Texas has a law where "people will have their plugs pulled not because their families want them to die sooner but because their health-care providers don't want to run up a bill for unpaid care."

This seems to be just fine and dandy to the maggots howling about murdering Schiavo.

Schiavo, Hudson, and Nikolouzos

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