Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bush using bigger words

It’s a lazy morning, half way through my Spring Break time with my boys. After beating myself worthless on the rock of last quarter, I am slowly returning to life. Slowly. I’ve been trying to sleep in, but the boys keep getting up at their normal time. This is fine, but I have a feeling the Kindergartener will not be getting up on his own at 6 AM as soon as school starts up again. Usually at that time in the morning, I have to carry him out of his bedroom.

Anyway, I haven’t been getting my wake up hour in the morning to organize my thoughts or to do any writing. This week, I’d rather sleep. But I do want to make at least one entry this week. So, with a jumbled brain and many (fun) distractions, it has taken me about a half an hour to write these few sentences.

So, today I am just going to throw down a couple of random, ill thought out notes:

Fun with the Bush Administration. How come I have a feeling that when they are discussing tort reform they are not discussing the suit filed against me over one of my son’s medical bills? They are discussing this issue in Congress. They are making it harder for people like me to file for bankruptcy. Most bankruptcies result either from divorce, family illness or job loss. I’ve got something in common with Bush. “Little did I realize we’d get the trifecta.”

Fun with Bush. I have been too scattered this morning to read the article, but supposedly second term Bush is dropping the “ah, shucks, I just be a guy… A regular… Someone just like you who are misunderestimated often, and don’t ‘y’all hate it when people talk down to you, so vote for me” shtick. I am not surprised.

Though I do not believe that Bush is necessarily bright enough for the job, I’ve never quite seen him as being the drooling village idiot (Ok, sometimes for my own amusement, but not in reality). I believe his intellectual issues stem more from his rigidness, his over dependence on his close advisers and his reluctance to seek or consider information or counsel from beyond these tight spheres. Even though this Administration, beyond its last election, is conducting a permanent campaign on behalf of their issues, there are some areas where they are now free to change their image without repercussions from their constituents.

One area where he can help his image is by appearing more intelligent. This will help him politically around the world and with those of us at home who have worried about his intellectual capacity in the past. There is also probably some consideration of his historical legacy at work here. They are probably looking for better quotes for the walls of the library than "Bring 'em on."

This can backfire. People who dislike Bush are not likely to change their opinions because he suddenly seems less oafish, and he could lose some of his support from people who think that he has turned into just another Washington politician, disconnected from the people.

Then again, who knows?

Okay, I read the article. Same conclusions as mine, pretty much. Guess my brain isn't too addled by the break.

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