Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A month from hell…

I’ve been “neglecting” these blogs for a month. Not so much neglecting, but I just have not had the time to work on them. It has been a month of sickness and injury. Once my little one was out of the hospital, I got the bug that was triggering his asthma. Then my grandmother, in town to be with her friend while he was having surgery, fell and shattered her wrist, requiring surgery and constant care for several days. Then both boys had ear infections, the big one’s so bad that for one day, he was constantly crying from the pain… And then… And then…

I just nursed the boys through another virus. The big one down hard for about four days, the little one slowed by it.

By last week, all of our schedules were so shattered that the little one would wake up in the middle of the night not knowing where he was, and I was aching to return to our normal routines. Maybe today we can start getting back to normal.

I missed so much school that I am afraid of getting totally buried as we head into the home stretch of the quarter, and any hopes of pulling a 4.0 this quarter are fading fast. Hard study binges during lulls in the illnesses have kept me afloat so far, and I managed to pull Bs and As on my mid-terms (taken with no preparation on three hours sleep; all of them).

This last week, though, I fear that I am severely losing control of my Literature class. Missed two days of class, and two days of catching up on reading, let alone staying current with the new readings… I can pull it off. But it is going to be a crazy, hectic few weeks. Missing the lectures and discussions may be the straw, though, breaking me from a low A or high B down to a low B or even a C.

So, such is life. At least I should be able to finish the classes this quarter. Though there is another aspect to my plan that is damaged now. If I find a job, I was relying on doing really well in all my classes at that point, giving me some grounds to ask my professors to work with me if I needed to miss the end of the quarter. Unfortunately, in my Lit class and in my Desktop Publishing class, I do not believe that my performance is giving me a strong foundation for such special requests.

Blah. This is a double post on both my Democracy and Rubble blogs, most of this is irrelevant for the former. I just wanted to leave a quick note…

Busy Backson.
(Busy, Back soon!)

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