Saturday, January 08, 2005

What Iraq Really Needs: American Trained Death Squads

Coming Soon to a Quagmire Near You...

‘The Salvador Option’: The Pentagon may put Special-Forces-led assassination or kidnapping teams in Iraq

I saw this after I spent some time reading Iraqi bloggers. They are already done with us. They already think we are as bad or worse than Saddam was.

They are also convinced that the US used (and is still using) chemical weapons. They have pictures, though the images are inconclusive to me.

You know what will really win their hearts and minds?

How about some fucking death squads?

It makes me ill.

U.S. Considers Elite Hit-Squads for Iraq -Report

UPDATE: January 11, 2005

The problem with death squads, besides, you know, their whole raison d'etre, is that when they're comprised of local citizens, they bear their local grudges with them. Imagine if your neighbor who thinks your dog shits on his lawn everyday was all of a sudden given the power to determine whether or not you were an enemy sympathizer. How fast would your ass be Gitmo-ized? You get it, kids?

from The Horror of History by the rude pundit.

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