Monday, January 10, 2005

No Blood Feud Between Clinton and W

I wrote the following this morning as a comment on a conservative blog that was using this article to bash the Liberal Media (unfortunately, he didn't tell me where to find the Liberal Media...)

He is one of the few conservative bloggers I've seen that doesn't actually hate Clinton. Actually called him "a very good president."


Anyway, I though my comment would make a decent post here...

Well, if we hold W to the same standards as some of the above comments hold Clinton to, then it would be fair to say that no President has any influence, except as a political spokesperson and in the area of foreign policy. There is probably quite a bit of truth there.

And Clinton did do more to get OBL than Bush did before 9/11, though I can allow that this might have changed if W had more time to get settled into the office before the attacks.

I know that there are Clinton people and there are W people and that we may be able to find common ground on our politics, but not with these two personalities.

As far as the MSNBC article, you are right and that it does not mention any time that Clinton reached out to W. This doesn't mean it didn't happen, just that it was not reported here.

Still, I would guess that it was W reaching out to Clinton though. W was rough on the man during the 2000 campaign, and I would be surprised if Clinton had a lot of warmth for his successor initially.

To me, it seems to be one of those "only Nixon could go to China" situations.

Finally, the ex-presidents club is a tiny one. For W it is even smaller, since I have the sense that his father tries to stay out of the way, so he is not the greatest resource for counsel and guidence.

Anyone who has held the office is going to have value as an advisor to the current occupant of the office. This is probably true for every job imaginable, from corner store clerk to Leader of the Free World. I'd say that W does have something to gain from a friendly relationship with Clinton, but I also believe that the warmth is valid and honest.

It just took awhile after the 2000 campaign for the dust to settle and clear and for a warm relationship between these two to become possible.

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