Friday, January 07, 2005

Is Boxer the only Senator with a sense of decency?

It is not about being bitter. It is not about being a sore loser. It is not about trying to stop the inauguration. It is not about trying to over turn the election.

It is about making damn sure that we still have democracy in America.

I do believe that Bush probably did win this election.

I find it highly unlikely that the voting irregularities in Ohio are responsible for well over 100,000 more votes for Bush than Kerry in that state.

However, investigating irregularities in Ohio and Florida is not about overturning the election. It is about finding out what went wrong so we can fix those problems so they will not happen again.
And it is about making sure that anyone who did try to illegally influence this election is held accountable.

Thank you, Sen. Boxer for having the courage to help keep this issue alive.

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