Thursday, December 09, 2004

Many, Many, Many Things...

Okay, then...

I'll start with some words on the whole Rumsfeld "You go to war.." deal that I posted in response to another blog.

I totally agree that it is a crime that the soldiers feel that the government is not doing all that they can to protect them in the war. And I do believe that a large number of them feel that way... My proof, none. Just my gut. But I haven't seen numbers on either side of this issue.

However, it turns out that the soldier who asked the question about armor that is getting all of this attention was there guarding a reporter who prompted him to ask this question.

Is it still a valid question? Of course.

Were the audience's enthusiastic cheers when the question was asked legitimate? Sounded like it to me.

But I am afraid that the conservative elements in the media will use this as an excuse to invalidate the question itself. And that is sad. If there is no issue, then prove it. If there is, then something needs to be done. I am tired of everyone avoiding the debate of real issues because they do not like who asked the question, etc.

So, that is out of the way...

Next... There are two issues I've decided just to stay the hell away from... The Ukraine and the Terror Bill. These are very complicated things that are potentially world changing in their long term effects and I just don't feel that any brief babble I would post about them would be worth anything.

Then... The Bush Cabinet, V 2.0

Okay, this is an issue that I want to get into. I want to make snarky comments about Condi. I want to run through the old faces and the new names and turn in my two cents. But every time I am about to get started, another turnover occurs.

I read somewhere that the turnover in this cabinet was about par for the second term, but this is starting to seem a little weak to me. I haven't seen the current count, but I know that there was another this morning and it has reached the point where I have lost track.

Anyway, everyone needs to take a look at these people and if you don't like them, scream at your reps in Congress about it. Just because the President wants to give these people jobs doesn't mean that Congress has to give them jobs.

But, more on that later...

I have a list of issues I want to discuss. Unfortunately, it is not with me at the moment, so there is my excuse to move on for the moment.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Turn Me into a Liberal

I just had an odd idea for a website:

Each week or so, we'd post a profile of a Bush Voter, from middle of the road swing voters to hardcore theorcratic conservatives, and their reasons for pulling the Elephant Lever in November and then we would use post comments using logic to try and change their mind.

Unfortunately, this would have been better before the election, but we do have the 2006 Congressional Elections coming up quicker than we can blink.

I am not putting this together yet, just sharing the idea. I think it would be good practice for taking the message to Red America.

This idea probably came around because I consider myself a centrist, but things are moving so far to the right in this country that I feel like I am turning into a Liberal myself.

I don't know... it would be amusing. I don't know which would be better, creating fictional Republican profiles or finding real people to submit to our assaults.

Today is Sunday. Douglas Adams wrote about an immortal being who went insane because of Sunday afternoons. But that is a better topic for my personal blog, Rubble.