Friday, December 03, 2004

Washington Needs Your Wome...I mean CASH!

No political ranting and raving this morning.

I came out of my post election media down period that crept up on me and kept me mostly out of the loop for a couple weeks and this week real life got in the way of me doing much on this blog. I did, however, tweak the home page for so it is not quite as dull as it was.

Let's see... Bu-bye Mr. Ridge. I thought this had already been announced, but I guess not. It is just not a surprise. I saw that there is a name out already for his replacement, but I do not know anything about this new Director yet.

More troops to Iraq before their election? Another surprise. Uh, not.

Today is the last day for the Democrats in Washington State to file for a recount. They have to pay for this re-count. This morning they were still about $100,000 short for a full, statewide recount.

Remember, this Govenorship may be decided by less than 50 votes, and it seems that there are still a decent number of ballots that may not have been counted. I am not sure of the details, been to busy this morning to do the research, but...

If you read this in time and can donate money: Give! Give! Give!

Give here!

So... That is it for now.
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