Thursday, December 23, 2004

Letter to a Christian Fundamentalist

My brain is rotting, I have been tinkering with blog too long this morning...

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On a new blog I found this morning, The Moderate Liberal...

A letter to a Christian Fundamentalist

In a letter to his cousin, "a born-again Christian Fundamentalist who moved to Texas to be with others who share her beliefs," Mark Matson writes:

I believe this world is at war between the forces of religious fundamentalism and enlightened reason. Enlightened reason must win. It isn't a coincidence we refer to the last time religious fundamentalism ruled as the Dark Ages. Religious fundamentalists brought down the twin towers. Enlightened reason must, must win.

There need be no conflict between enlightened reason and religion. Many of the founding fathers were deeply religious, but they all believed in The Enlightenment, the base philosophy this country was founded on, the principle of open discourse that lead to democracy, capitalism and science. But they were not fundamentalists.

Even if the Bible is perfect, no human who reads it is. We decide which lines to emphasize. We interpret meaning. We humans decide what biblical laws should translate to modern laws and what should be left to the individual.

It is a good letter.

I do not believe we will prevail by "converting" the other side, as I said in an earlier post, but it is good to have thoughtful, logical arguments if we are debating with them.

Check it out.
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