Friday, December 31, 2004

Final Washington State Post of the Year

Talking Points Memo covers today's developments well, so I'll link there.

A quote? Sure...

So now Rossi has a new angle. He says Gregoire should join him in calling for a whole new election to be held. You know, to ensure the integrity of the process.

Newsflash: she ain't interested.

Says Gregoire: "A do-over ... is only in golf. We call it a mulligan. This is not golf, and this is not practice. This is an election. It's had three counts."

Now some of the locals are putting together an email campaign to tell Rossi it's time to hang it up.

Blue Oregon has posted essentially the same information as Talking Points Memo. The mulligan quote is attributed to "Gregoire spokesman Morton Brilliant" on this site.

Is Gregoire's campaign saying that what happened a few days back in the Ukraine was democracy gone wrong? I support her, but Brilliant needs to pull away from the news coverage of his own canidate and glance at the world headlines time to time.

A note on the attribution, AP gives the quote to Gregoire, then the AP gives the quote to Brilliant.

There is one big difference between Washington and the Ukraine. The AP offers the following from Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed:

While there were mistakes, Reed told a news conference, "at this time there is nothing that appears fraudulent."

"I saw serious mistakes being made. I saw them being corrected," Reed said. "That's part of the process. The system itself has worked well."

Still, there is Republican talk of a "Smoking Gun" that may overturn the election... Again.

New Frames tosses this one out, and I agree. It is why I have given so much attention here to my northern neighbors:

The Dem lawyers in this case were the kind of junk-yard dogs we could have used in 2000, but of course that's the past. So let's use these guys in the future. They know how to fight to get every vote counted (note to DNC.)

Awhile back, blogs all over had their eye on this issue. Is it too early in the morning today or has the attention span waned? I will say, it makes me nervous how political blogs are hovering around the Tsunami issue.

I hope someone has their eye on the White House. If they want to slide a couple of zingers through, this is an opportune time to do it.

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