Sunday, December 26, 2004

Faith and Reason: Another Look at Religion

It seems that the recent political debates on faith and the recent holiday has people all over looking at the politics of faith.

Mark Matson of The Moderate Liberal posted Faith Versus Reason for his Christmas entry:

Taking the Christian Fundamentalist argument that “evolutionists” have the same sort of belief in their science that “creationists” have in their faith that The Bible is the literal word of God, he responds:

I believe in reason and the scientific method not because I have some faith that cannot be confirmed but because reason has proven its worth. We see the success of the scientific method all around us and, as opposed to the natural world, we know where science came from.

He also adds that faith is important, writing, “I believe that other forms of faith also work, such as hope, optimism and confidence.”

It is a good post and you should read it.
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