Saturday, December 04, 2004

Election Day Hangovers

I've been meaning to write something about the election hangovers... Not in the literal sense, though I am sure there were many of those on November 3, but just the lingering let down feeling.

Many people I know went through a media blackout period where they did not want to hear about politics at all. Myself, I even had a hard time watching The Daily Show for a while. I got mad, set this site up, and then went into my slump and had little stomach for doing the research necessary to load the blog and the boards with content.

Anyway, I am slowly emerging from this, and today I found a USA Today article with the headline "Election Day hangovers remain across USA."

I wondered if I could get some good quotes, but then I noticed the sub-head, "Computer glitch, dead heat, recounts and court rulings play part in undecided races," and the lead...

It's been a month since America went to the polls, but in scattered places across the map, the election isn't over.

Maybe I will crawl back into my media blackout cave for a while.

Click here for the article.
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