Sunday, December 26, 2004

Count Every Vote Declares the NYT

Sure thing... We'll get right on that.

This article from December 20 has a few days worth of dust on it but I have to link to any editorial that beats my favorite drum.

From the piece:

Every vote is supposed to count in America, but candidates too often maneuver to disqualify votes that they think might go to the other side. A month and a half after Election Day, battles are still raging in Washington State and in San Diego over whether to count all of the votes that were cast. The answer to that question must be yes.


Clearly the American election system needs significant improvement, starting with voter-verified paper trails for every vote cast electronically. In the current flawed system, the best chance we have of producing accurate results is to be on guard for manipulation of electronic voting machines and tabulation software, and to conduct conscientious recounts when the outcome is at all in doubt.

Count Every Vote
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