Monday, December 20, 2004

Bush Not Ready for Primetime?

I do not have enough coffee in me. After posting the previous post and tinkering with my personal blog, I looked up at my TV and realized that Bush was having his "End of the Year" Press Conference.

Didn't Presidents do these sorts of things in primetime at one point in history? Were they not publicized before hand? Or have I just been hiding too deep in my bunker?

Listening to this man talk makes me hurt. It's not even his politics, just his voice and the way he talks. It looks painful for him. It makes me cringe just watching.

This started sometime before 8 AM on the west coast. Monday morning, that is when they let this guy live and uncensored on the television. It is on CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, FOX News, NorthWest Cable News, CSPAN... I am actually surprised; it is on the three broadcast networks too. Maybe this is the only time they were willing to clear time in their schedules.

Rolling Highlights:

Bush seems really concerned about not "negotiating with [him]self." That sounds like something Ashcroft would not have approved of.

Rumsfeld "is a good and decent man... A good human being who cares deeply about the military." I would add that he cares enough to use the very best equipment so he does not have to sign 1300+ letters of condolence regarding service in Iraq, freeing his time up to work hard on providing armor for the living soldiers in the combat zone.

He is now taking credit for the courts ruling against the Administration on behalf of foreign nationals being held in Gitmo, saying that it proves that we "honor the rule of law" and that criticisms of the administration's human rights record regarding these prisoners is "unfair."

"I've been in the diplomatic dental chair for four years" Bush says regarding Israeli/Palestinian relations. Also, "I know the world is wondering if this is just empty rhetoric or if... It is really time to move this process forward... I look forward to working with the world..."

Okay, he was all over a ton of issues here, but I was unprepared and missed most of it. CNN is calling it "good." If it was so good, why didn't the administration put it up in primetime?

Anyway, the talking heads are spinning wildly now, and these are just the impartial CNN commentators.

A weak post... It is too early and I did not have enough warning to properly prepare for this. I see, I get it. Oh, they are good.

CNN has returned to its regularly scheduled broadcast of the Fetus Cut From Its Mother's Womb and Kidnapped! and the upcoming Michael Jackson Pedophilia Trial!

I am not kidding, these were the next two stories they went to, in that order.

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