Sunday, December 26, 2004

An Absolute, Fundamental Right of a Democratic Society

It is an absolute fundamental of a democratic society that everyone who has the right to vote and casts a ballot should have their vote counted.

So says the godofthebasement.

Someone did not give this god his requested burnt offering, and now he is pissed. In order to appease his vengeance, I will post his e-mail here and I will invite him to be a contributor to this blog.

Hopefully he will be appeased by this post. If not, duck...

He is currently suffering from the work-only web access but he is getting anxious. He may soon hook up from home where he will be free to unleash his wrath upon all of us...

As I said before... He must really hate America.

The Republicans do have an ongoing problem with allowing votes to be counted.

The ongoing trend among Republicans is to first try to stop as many people as they can from voting in the first place via fraudulent felons lists, not putting ballot machines in Democratic precincts, challenging anyone who is not white or has a non-Anglo name and then, among other tactics, by trying to stop votes from being counted.

I am explicitly saying they committed fraud: it is clear that Republicans share no interest in allowing people to vote in the first place or in counting the votes of all eligible voters. It is an absolute fundamental of a democratic society that everyone who has the right to vote and casts a ballot should have their vote counted.

The Republicans have consistently opposed this and have proven themselves to be fundamentally against democracy on both the state and national levels. They are dreaming of a fascist state where it would be illegal to vote against them.

Think that's an exaggeration?

Check out the books by Anne Coulter and Bill O'Reilly. It is terrifying shit.

Republican= Fascist. Period.

They are pure evil and they want to steal from the poor to give to the rich, to steal from the middle class to give to the corporations and to run the country for the benefit of the rich and the powerful...

Sorry about that. My pissedoffedness has no limit and I'm ranting again. Maybe I should start a website [ ?!?]!

Then I could express all of this without dumping it on my friends! is a good idea, and I need to get on it. One day I'll learn not to preach to the choir, but not today apparently.

Anyway, Christmas is going well here. This afternoon we went to this bar at this golf course where my sister's friend's husband works and we had a lot to drink. Nothing like getting fucked up with the family. For Christmas morning we're going to go to church to see my Dad play banjo. I guess that is what retired English professors do these days. I've never seen him perform and I'm looking forward to it.

Well that's all the news that is nowhere near fit to print, but clearly fit for a drunken rambling e-mail.

Let's just call it all a run up to a happy new year.

UPDATE: January 1, 2005 - 8:44 AM - A. F. Litt
I just wanted to quickly throw this link up...

It is a good rundown on what constitutes Election Fraud...

Major Tom on "Actionable Fraud" and More!
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