Monday, November 08, 2004

Democracy in Distress Message Boards

I spent some time tonight posting some messages to the boards. Hopefully they will act as seeds to start conversation there. Also, I can see how those boards can be a good way to "blog" topically, if few people ever end up reading these pages.

I haven't really started promoting this site yet, just one e-mail to my contact list. I am not sure how many of those addresses are even current, but I know some are.

Finally, the topics on many of these first message board posts were inspired (read stolen) from topics on the 3WA boards. My apologies, but those are good topics that fascinate me. The reactivation of my account there has not gone through yet, but when it does, I will be posting there, too.

Anyway, if you are reading this, thanks. And if you find any of this interesting or compelling, please help me start a conversation on these topics.

As I say, though, the conversation is just the start. The goal is real political action that makes a Democratic (or viable third-party) revoultion possible at all levels of the government.


godofthebasement said...

Well I guess I'll start since I don't feel like doing any more real work this afternoon.

Follow the conspiracy trail:

Several counties in Floriday, Ohio, and Texas have followed this pattern:

First: Electronic voting machines had votes registered before the polls opened. Official explanation: Each individual machine has an internal counter for total votes ever cast on the machine, that count has no effect on results of this election. My call: Plausible, but still a technical glitch that needs to be fixed before electronic voting can be trusted.

One item specific to Texas: Many users of electronic voting machines that print out a "receipt" found that although they had voted strait Democrat, the machines recorded their presidential vote as "Bush" even though all their other votes registred correctly as democrat. There are thousands of documented instances of this happening in Texas in this election. Those who noticed the error were able to get their ballot corrected, but what of those who didn't notice? And what about the majority of electronic voting machines htat don't print a "receipt?"

Next: While election results are being counted, more votes for Bush are recorded than total votes cast. Official explanation: It's a running total, these numbers change and the final result will add up. My call: Sceptical, see below.

Then: More votes cast for Bush than there are people registered Republican. Offical explanation: crossover votes by Democrats and independents for Bush. My call: Plausible on the face, but how many Democrats do they really want us to believe voted for Bush?

Finally: There are counties in Ohio, Florida, Texas, and a few other souther states where BUSH RECIEVED MORE VOTES THAN THERE ARE RESIDENTS IN THE COUNTY! Official explanation: Just a glitch that will be cleaned up. Republican explanation (I'm not making this up, it was said by a Republican PR person on NPR): The Democrats rigged these counties to make the Republicans look bad! My call: Bullshit.

Final analysis: Sorry people, I'm not going play nice and roll over like douche-bag Kerry, I'm pissed. The Bush "victory" is a result of widespread election fraud by the Republicans on a nationwide scale. Period. Bush can shove his "mandate" up his ...

A. F. Litt said...

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